Thursday, December 9, 2010

6 Reasons Why Working in a Studio the Size of an Aeroplane Toilet is not all Bad.

My 'Studio' set-up in the corner of our lounge room!
  1. You realise you can produce work ANYWHERE!
  2. Smaller works = more artwork, reduced costs such as framing and paint.
  3. You become more efficient e.g. taking photos of your still life set-up instead of leaving it set-up for the kids to destroy, painting straight from your computer screen.
  4. In some cases increased exposure. My little set-up is close to the front door, the first thing anyone sees when they walk in the door is my latest creation.
  5. In some cases, if your set-up is in your main living area such as mine, it's always in sight so if I'm washing dishes or cleaning in the living room an occasional glance can often reveal errors that I hadn't noticed before.
  6. Close to the kitchen - easy access to copious amounts of coffee.
One major disadvantage to working in a small space... when the dog farts you've got nowhere to run!

First layer of new painting.

Look Ma, No Hands, unfinished
Copyright2010 Holly Hartwell

I'm really having fun with this one, the nice bright reds make a nice change. I'll continue to work on it over the weekend.
In order to make my blog more interesting I'm adding a new addition called 'Did You Know'. Little snippets of useful (or useless) information about painting that you may/may not know.

Did You Know...
It takes 3-6 months for an average oil painting to cease contracting and expanding before it dries completely. It was common practice not-so-long-ago to wait an entire year!


  1. I like your take on working in a small space. Genius! And your art is wonderful too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. =)

  2. Thanks for your comments Stephanie - Merry Christmas.