Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Make the Right Brushstroke Every Time.

It used to happen all the time. I’d look at a fantastic painting and wonder just how they got the paint to come off the brush in just the right way? A single brushstroke and BAM, behold a fabulous painting!

Today I’m reviewing a book that I actually bought years ago but has given me so much guidance and taken my brush skills to a whole new level that I’m ashamed I’ve kept it a secret for so long.

Brushwork Essentials by Mark Christopher Weber.

Purchase direct at or at any great online book sellers.

Seriously, if you think your brushwork needs some TLC, just buy it!

As well as being a great artist, his knowledge of brushstroke technique is invaluable. Now you might be saying to yourself ‘How hard is it to pick up some paint and put it on a canvas?’ If I had of been taught just HALF of these techniques when I was at art school, I would be strokes ahead. And not just in my golf game!

Mark uses water soluble oil paints for all his painting demonstrations but obviously the techniques would apply to any painting mediums. Some of the topics covered are:

  • 1. What to look for when purchasing a brush
  • 2. Brush care
  • 3. Brush shaping and paint loading
  • 4. Brush angle and pressure
  • 5. How to avoid paint ridges
  • 6. Blending variations and rendering careful detail
  • 7. Numerous demonstrations on still life’s, landscapes and the figure.

The mastery and skill shown in Marks paintings is testament to a thorough understanding of a paintbrush’s potential. And the worn and torn book cover on my copy of Brushwork Essentials is testament to how much I rely on these basic but much under-estimated skills.

And Now For My Latest Piece...

Piggy oil on board 20x20cm

©2010 Holly Hartwell

Lots of smooth surfaces in this one, a real challenge... which is why I paint really!!
If you wish to purchase, please e-mail. Thank You.

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